Ash Wednesday: The Wilderness and Mortality -Day 1


Ash Wednesday, marks the first day of Lent, the time of reflection and penitence leading up to Easter Sunday. … As they “impose” or “dispense” the ashes, the pastor or priest reminds each Christian of Genesis 3:19: “For dust you are and to dust you shall return.”

Here is the reading for today:

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Last night I attended, “Pancake and Jazz for Family Promise” at my church. It was a great evening of good food and smooth jazz music being performed by a local group called “Midnight Sanity.” We raised a lot of money for a great cause. After all the clean up was finished two of my friends and I met at a local restaurant where we shared food and drink along with great conversations of faith, family and the future. The verse for today’s reading was exactly what I experienced with these two women. God was with us, our conversations include God and we had way more questions than answers. I felt blessed to be a part of this experience of sharing God, asking questions and laughing with friends. Be open to experiences where you can be present with someone and to be in relationship with. Be the smile that no one expects or thinks they deserve; hold a door for someone; say thank you and you’re welcome; thank God for today!

Breath Prayer: Loving God, be present in my relationships. ~Amen
~Blessings and Peace~