Spirituality and Practice Contemplative Photography Week #7 Antidote

The “antidote” I use when inundated with toxic news is something relatively new for me during the past few years.  I started listening to the radio while driving my car, I had often liked driving in the quietness of the space. At first it was a lot channel surfing and then I ran across a station that resonated with my being, it was a Christian radio station and began to listen to it nearly every time I was in the car. It had what I thought was a ridiculous slogan called the “30 Day Challenge” I, of course thought it was just plain silly but I continued to listen and the songs became familiar and I found myself singing along with most of the tunes.  To clarify the “30 Day Challenge” the premise was if you allow your self 30 days to listen to nothing but Christian music you will want to listen to it all the time. So, here I am, almost 2 years later and 101.7 FM K-LOVE is programmed into my radio station favorites. Christian music is the primary music I listen to now and I have found it has an amazing calming effect in my life. I have always be drawn to music and I had used it to help deepen my moods of happiness and sadness and even despair.  The idea of using my music to change my moods from bad to better rarely ever crossed my mind because I wanted to sulk and allow my mood a fertile growth area.  I now know I have the ability to not only change the direction of my moods but now have an avenue to talk with God and ask for healing, guidance, forgiveness and grace. All of my changes are not all the direct result of the music I listen to but it has definitely help me seek alternative methods of facing toxic subjects I encounter.  Music feeds the soul, the results being positive or negative lie within our choices.  I am also a huge classic country music fan as well, music for me tells a story and my imagination gets to paint the story in my own uniqueness and I believe it can for anyone, we are only limited by ourselves.

~Blessings and Peace~



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