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It’s been a while since I have posted anything; I recently started a new project and wanted to share it with all of you. I have enrolled in a “Contemplative Photography Practice Group” with Spirituality & Practice – Resources for Spiritual Journeys. I will include the website at the bottom of the page. The group is provided a word; quote or statement and challenged to post a photo representing it. As most of you know, I thoroughly enjoy taking photos and combining it with bible verses, quotes or my own thoughts as a means to encourage and comfort myself as well as others. I hope you enjoy the first two posts I have submitted for my practice group.

Week 1: Confusion or Chaos

This photo is both confusion and chaos for me, I work in an office and this is in my view daily. This past year I learned a valuable lesson/insight from a co-worker. Basically, there are two areas in which one can choose to live: area of control or area of concern. This falls into area of concern because it concerns me and it bothers me; however, it is not an area of control because I share an office with 12 other individuals and it neither bothers nor is noticed by most. I could try to make it a control issue but in the end, I would be frustrated daily because the only control I truly have is my own ability to let it go. I can take control of my workspace while on duty but I must let it go until I return and start fresh every new day. My stress level is low and I no longer feel like it is my responsibility to keep all things neat and orderly, Just Breathe!

Week 2: Quote “In that tiny space between all the givens is freedom.” By Sue Bender.

I love this picture, I’ve had people laugh at it, show surprise at it and some failed to see from my perspective. I came across this item while doing laundry recently, my immediate thought was “God” and my second thought was my mother, who has passed away. This something was nothing more than a “dust/lint” ball from the dryer. It is hanging on the underneath of my shelf. I saw an “Angel” God speaking to me and I also laughed while thinking of my mom…this would not be something found in her laundry room. And perhaps that is the message; with all the “givens” I have the freedom to be “Me!” “In that tiny space between all the givens is freedom.” ~Sue Bender

~Blessings and Peace~



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