Purpose and Clarity

We need to recognize. we are all created for God’s purposes, not our own. Even the unbelievers are created with purpose, this purpose is not ours to define or dissect.

Courage…what might be courageous for one, may not be for another…it is not a contest, stop judging and comparing one against another.

I miss lazy days spent with my mom, like when I was a kid. Most especially in the winter and we would watch funny movies on TV, or going to the local video rental store to rent VHS tapes and the VCR because we didn’t have one at home. Other occasions we would attempt to put a 1000 piece puzzle together, mom was really good at puzzles! We would make popcorn and caramel corn (mom’s favorite). Often times, my aunt Helen and my cousin Teresa would come to our house to visit…we would laugh and giggle together doing nothing or playing games. We would play gin rummy, board games like monopoly, sorry, sequence, pick up sticks, even Lego’s and Lincoln logs…no matter where we were or what we were doing love was always present. As I am sitting here writing this I can close my eyes and feelings surround me and I can almost feel a gentle hug envelop me, it’s a warm feeling from head to toe. This all reminds me of the power of God, the intricate make up of the human body and its massive abilities. God gave us minds with endless possibilities for memories and one such powerful memory is that our loved ones could always be with us, always only a thought away…the power of the mind and the beauty of creation by a God who loves us beyond measure and is incomprehensible. Unfortunately, God does not always get our best in return for all His goodness and love that He freely gives to us. It is only because of God’s grace and mercy, we can be renewed daily and be forgiven our sins because of His great sacrifice on the cross, He paid the price in full for all our sins, we are forgiven and are made new, simply by seeking and asking God for His forgiveness and it shall be! I have a friend who uses the phrase, “my/our/their eyes were opened” meaning God has opened/allowed the eyes, heart and spirit to see/understand. Although my friend and I may differ on some aspects of how we get to God, the most important thing is, we agree that God is the creator of all things and without God there would be nothingness. We believe in God, the Father; Christ Jesus, the Son of God and the Holy Spirit! I am blessed to have this unnamed friend in my life. He has blessed me in more ways than I can even begin to count.  I am currently at a point in my life where things are becoming more defined and clearer than ever before. About three years ago I participated in “My One Word,” maybe you’ve heard of it(?). My word was “clarity.” I wanted God to give me clarity, perspective…basically the “answers.” I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “hind sight is 20/20?” Looking back, God was and is my constant teacher, I was just not seeing it…my eyes had not been opened. They were closed and I was in the dark, stumbling to and fro. I’m learning so many wonderful things about myself and the people with whom I’m sharing life and friendships with. The things I thought were so important somehow have lost their appeal, I guess as I get older practicality wins out over flashy and new. I look back at my childhood and I would not trade it for anything, not because it was perfect or only filled with good things…those things don’t exist! I’m glad I had disappointments, mistakes and I’m equally overjoyed to have been good at lots of things and rewarded and praised for my achievements. The funny thing is I have lots of pictures capturing those special and significant moments of me growing up, pictures of life’s suspended moments in time, but I don’t break out the photograph albums very often because I can see them in my thoughts, my eyes have been “opened” to the fullness of those moments and the beautiful thing is…I always have them with me. God is opening my eyes to the awesome childhood I had, to the parents I have and all those wonderful people who made a significant difference in my life and never know it while they we here on earth. God continues to open my eyes to experiences I don’t understand and why some things happened and why some things did not! I’m learning that the unpleasant and hurtful things I’ve experienced, all happened for a reason, God uses situations that we don’t understand at the time, to teach us of the power of God and of His everlasting love! I am beginning to find clarity, learning to process things that happened and did not know why. I must also be accepting of the answers I am so feverishly pursuing. So, I’m not perfect…none of us are, I have spent too much time trying to be perfect, not realizing  that it is impossible! I was busy trying to find things for myself, I put off spending time with my parents. We all go through that cycle I think, you know when we are too cool to be seen hanging out with the family! It can all be gone is a flash! I now call home more often, I say I love you more often, I visit more often and I miss you always (mom).  Don’t wait until holidays to share your love and appreciate to those you love…everyday is an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life! I personally like to greet people, mostly strangers with a smile, and a hello! Be a blessing to someone today!

~Blessings and Peace~