The Kiss

I once write about a kiss, a mystical, magical…world changing kiss. I’ve had many similar kisses to date, though honestly it been way too long. I watched a video tonight titled, this is what a kiss looks like…it was all the things I’ve imagined and have felt…waterfalls, fireworks, whitewater rapids,  flower petals, dew on the early morning grass, the song of a whip-poor-will, the chill in the air of a midnight stroll along the beach, the world lays in stillness and you and I are alone in the universe if for only a suspended moment in time. I may never experience this fairytale love affair I have tucked away in my heart, but I’m certainly not giving up on it either. I long to be someone’s princess, Someone’s somebody special…I deserve it! And face it, we all do! I see myself differently from how the world sees me. I know this to be true because when I look in the mirror, I feel like I’m seeing a stranger. I identify and see myself through my heart and my soul in addition to that, I am also very protective of myself being too vulnerable. You know, as humans we are quite fragile. Life is so much more than what the media chooses to show us, not everyone is a size 4, we don’t all have perfect skin and hair or pearly white smiles. The realities of life are that we are at times mood challenged, sleep challenged sometimes too much or not enough, sometimes rushing here and there but sometimes stuck in one place. None of us have perfect lives and honestly who would want it to be? Lives that are scheduled, planned, rehearsed and that are completely routine is not living; it is mere existence void of any emotion or need for human contact. I choose contact in any and all forms of hugs and kisses, holding hands, walking in after midnight in cool night air while stargazing, sounds of laughter and tears of joy. Whatever life may have in store for me, the wish I have and also hope for you is to be loved, loved beyond all your dreams~

A Kiss Is Still A Kiss

The innocence of it all
The reaction, still a mystery
Was it shock. Was it delight?

It was sweeter than I ever could have imagined
One small request
One summer night.

If I close my eyes
I can almost feel the moment
You and me
…one red Dodge
…one empty fair ground.

That kiss – just a kiss
But, oh what a kiss
It opened my life to a whole new world.

Since that summer night
My life, it has never been the same
Filled with much happiness mixed with some sadness

I often wonder about where my life would be
If not for that kiss
Perhaps I never really know but a parallel life is out there
…my hope, is for her happiness.

I will never regret my answer to the question
Will always be thankful for the experience
Yet, somewhat saddened by my limitations.

That kiss, though it was spectacular
Possibly mystical
However, in the end , it was just a kiss
But, oh what a kiss.

A kiss is still a kiss.

June 25, 1994