Cry Out To Jesus

I heard this song today and even though I’ve heard it several times, today thoughts of my mom flooded my mind when I heard it playing on the radio. Although the song is about the great love that God has for each of us, it also brought to mind the great love my parents have for me, my brother and our extended families. I have been extremely blessed in that I can remember my great-grandparents, and had my grandparents in my life many years into adulthood. Today, marks three years since my mom left this conditional world. I still miss her every day and although she’s no longer here physically, I still tell her I love her, visit her grave site and take small gifts…she lives in my heart and will always be my mom. My mom would not want me to continue struggling with her passing, she was a no-nonsense woman! I could not sleep tonight, my mind kept thinking of 3:22am, June 22…that’s when I got the call…I’m not sure what I expected would happen at 3:22, but I can tell you what I did at 3:22…I paused and let happy memories of her dance in my thoughts, eyes closed and thanked God for giving me the most amazing mom I could ever have ask for. It still hurts sometimes because girls just need their moms sometimes, no matter how old we get, moms can give provide just the right amount of love to heal most any crisis that comes along. Today I am going to concentrate on the happy moments we had together…her life should be celebrated and not simply to be mourned. This process of celebration won’t be easy but like the old saying goes…most things worthwhile are almost never easy. I would like to pass along a bit of knowledge I’ve been able to grasp during these past three years…do not run from your grief. The grieving process is different for everyone, at least the order of each stage of grief can be. I encourage you to explore the stages of grief, if and when you must face its challenges. I know that I’ve grown and matured in ways I never could have imagined because of the unimaginable loss of my mom. I give God the glory for lessons learned. My prayer for you is that God blesses you in a very special way today and that by sharing my grief story someone else is able to identify with it and accept that God is in control, He loves you and wants nothing but the best for you.

The Day

The day I never wanted to come
That day has come and gone
The imagined loss and emptiness
Those feelings has settled in
A void that cannot be filled
How does one grieve such a loss
Not with time, family or friends
Such a loss with open wounds
Wounds that are felt more than seen
Pain that blocks all healing
Mourning that feels no relief
Just one more hug or embrace
One more I love you
No one can ease the pains of life
Nothing like a mothers love
Mom, I miss you
I miss you everyday.

~July 28, 2012
@ 10:26pm

~Blessings and Peace~

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  1. Beautifully written – applicable for all who grieve – a blessing emerging from loss Kathy

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