Appetites and Actions

“Appetites are never fully and totally satisfied.” ~Andy Stanley – Pastor/Author

Happiness is sought by many; but found by few. Most people seek happiness outside themselves; yet it is a choice inside themselves. Desires are sought after to quench the yearnings of the mind. A small house leads to a bigger house, a compact car to fancier cars, faster boat, better lifestyle, trendier clothes, more friends, etc. Appetites are fueled by desires. And we all know with our human nature that we are rarely satisfied with a little of anything. What the eyes see, the mind goes after. What is at the top of your valuable list? Is it possible to choose to want for nothing? What if your most prized possessions were taken away? Would you survive? What if God said to you . . . “Want me more than you want anything.” What would your life look like? When you want for nothing but your Heavenly Father’s love, all else will be trivial and insignificant. Where are your eyes drawn?
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My personal life story…relates to this story, those questions and most of the comments listed above. I decided a little over a year ago to cancel my cable TV and I gave my TV away. To be honest I haven’t missed really missed it. I would like to mention a clarifying point…when I visit family and friends I do watch TV and my job responsibilities require me to monitor TV news and weather information. But at home I tend to spend more time reading, writing and studying. I also have a couple of hobbies I enjoy doing such as drawing, painting, doing stain glass projects to list a few. I also try to participate in activities at my church, book studies and bible studies and I’m going to try to participate with the softball team as my schedule allows. I also just finished a nine week course by Dave Ramsay titled Financial Peace University, wonderful course! I guess what I am wanting to share is we can choose to do things that help us grow and develop new skills or we can choose to sit on the sidelines of life. My life feels full through the activities I choose to do, and sometimes that includes sleeping for long periods of time on my days off but too much of that type of behavior is dangerous, “moderation” God meant for us to rest and encourages it! Maybe look at ways to squeeze more God time in your life and less “nothingness” I promise you will feel and see results immediately! Plan times to connect with people, especially friends and family. In fact, I just finished having lunch with a friend of mine, I am so blessed to have this particular person in my life. She has this amazing quality of listening, actively listening to me and does not get caught up in all the external components of my stories, she keeps me grounded but more importantly she is concerned and interested in the “me” parts of my stories and how things effect me and affect me, she never takes over a conversation and makes it about herself, it’s not politeness (although she is polite) it’s her grace and sincerity that makes our friendship so special. My desire, my appetite for life grows bigger and stronger day by day. It is exciting to see where I’ve been, compared to where I am, and then to imagine and strive to be where I want to go and grow! It’s more than growing older and maturing, I have made a decision to be “intentional” I have a desire and a need to be the person God created me to be. Sometimes I feel like it has taken me too long to get where I’m at in life but honestly it’s because of my long list of experiences up to this point in my life that growth is even possible for me. The one thing I am absolutely sure of and that is…God loves me! So what are you hungry for? Stop just existing and start “being” you have the leading role in the story of your life, be intentional, be present, be all you were created to be…BE!

~Blessings and Peace~

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  1. Once we have understood & integrated the reality that happiness comes from the inside rather than outside we have unlocked one of the great mysteries of life. Well done Charlotte!


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