Hi God, it’s me Charlotte

God, I know you had plans for me and that you have plans for me.  Long before I was even born, you knew me and you created every part of my being.  I know nothing that is, just happened.  Everything, every minute detail was designed by you for your glory.  As I grow older and hopefully wiser, my view of the world has changed dramatically, typical when I was younger I saw the world around me to be free and full of opportunities to make a name for myself.  Now, years later there’s still freedom and opportunities but I do not have a burning desire to “puff” myself up to be something I am not.  I was thinking that life has grown more difficult with my age and life experiences but the truth is it’s not easier or harder, life’s lesson’s we must learn and endure are quite elementary.  Take cheating, compared from say the 1940’s or ’50’s to now in 2014.  The emotions one experiences would be the same, the moral fabric if you will.  The only change I see is, we now have more sophisticated ways of hiding it, so externally it may be easier to hide but what gets you caught are the emotions/morals we have on the inside those at our very core.  I use the example of “cheating” because we all or at least most can relate to it.  I won’t lie, I have cheated and been cheated, either side of the fence it feels awful.  As I approach an age milestone in my life I feel enormously blessed to have experienced being a kid in the late ’60’s and ’70’s.  I can watch “The Walton’s” or “Little House on the Prairie” and understand the family values and how God is central to their lives.  I have experienced rural country living as well as the city, both hold special places in my life.  I often feel detached from my immediate family and extended relatives who have never left the rural existence; I am in no way saying one way of living is better than another, only different.  I believe whole heartedly that I am where God wants me to be and I hope I never out grow my growing up in rural America, the fabric and textures of its simplistic-ness have woven me into the woman I am today.  We, as a society have created new ways of completing tasks with great efficiency, the tasks themselves have not changed much over the years, getting dressed still requires pants one leg at a time; driving still requires instinct and reflexes, education still requires drive, motivation, and the basics of the 3 R’s (reading, riting, rithmatic) that’s funny to those of you that “get it!”  Please forgive me for getting off topic, what I wanted to share is, my life was never mine to begin with, I am God’s creation and I have purpose, now more than ever in my life I am unlocking doors and seeing more vividly the urgency of  living for God, not beside, or with but FOR GOD!  without God I am nothing, you are nothing…we have purpose because God designed, created and gave us all life.  What a gift!  I finally realized I cannot and will never be good enough to be in God’s sight, we are sinful creatures, born into and of sin BUT, we are made NEW by the sacrifice at Calvary.  Jesus has paid the price for all our sins, I pray you already know Jesus in a personal way but if you have never recognized what Jesus has done for you and that you were not an accident or coincident, you are a one of a kind masterpiece of the Master.  God, this is Charlotte, thank you for my life and I ask that you bless each person who reads or hears this, show them your love, mercy and grace.  Help us to seek you everyday in all that we do, help us to see your arms open to hold us when we are tired, scared and lonely.  God, take our mouths and speak through them, take our minds and think through them and take our hearts and set them on fire! Amen.

~Blessings and Peace~

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