Learning To Let Go

Do you ever find yourself saying, “enough is enough!”?  I reached that level of frustration and exhaustion this past week.  Why I allowed myself to get to a very close point of no return?  Lots of reason and none of them are even really bad, I can say that with much confidence because giving, doing and helping are all great things they only become something less when we fail to recognize signs or rather ignore signs telling us to step back and take in the bigger picture on display.  This is all tied into my “Decision” this past week.  I had a moment of epiphany…helping is not helping if it hurts the giver and the receiver?!?  I found myself giving and helping but joy was missing from it, if there’s no joy in these things, it is no longer a gift but a self-imposed obligations and frustrations quickly arise.  I know exactly what needs to happen and where the end point of this journey will lead me; however, how I get from point A to point B, I haven’t a clue.  I find that I’m spending time “spinning my wheels” metaphorically speaking.  The actions I need to take are going to hurt me and a person I truly do not want to cause difficulties for.  I have been praying about this situation and asking for guidance, God has blessed me with so much, I want to do God’s will and share His love with others.  A lessons I am learning is sharing the love of God can be accomplished in so many ways.  May God’s blessing be abundant today!

~Blessings and Peace~