Are You Robbing Yourself of Joy?

This idea of robbing ourselves of joy struck me today after I cancelled lunch plans with a group of wonderful ladies from church. Of course, the weather was bitterly cold and snow had recently fallen and I was tired and feeling very unmotivated, all of these things were absolutely the truth but when I finally got up and was preparing to go to work there was a sadness that was covering me…I could pretend to blame all of the above circumstances but the truth is I alone decided to rob myself of the joys of fellowship and community by not going to lunch. I can say the same thing for each time I decide to sleep in on Sunday mornings or miss a bible study and especially my daily devotions. The result of these kinds of decisions impact us all in different ways. I have been feeling very overwhelmed and I ask myself why? The answer is I have lost sight of God and His Will and defaulted to trying to do and handle things according to my will…duh, no wonder I’m tired and overwhelmed. I recently watch the mini-series “The Bible” and a study of “Jonah” I am reminded that God’s way is always the best way but we (humans) tend to be rebellious and want to do things “our’ way and things rapidly degrade from that moment on. Once we recognize the error of our ways, the best thing to do is to return to God, quickly…but again, we (humans) at least some of us put way too much thought into it. We tend to think of what we can do to make things right with God but the answer is nothing…except go to God, He is waiting with open arms and filled with joy that we have returned to Him. His love and grace are sufficient for ALL!

~Blessings & Peace~

One thought on “Are You Robbing Yourself of Joy?

  1. Hi, You know there are many times that I’m not so motivated and will pass over on things that would normally bring me joy. But I don’t really believe that is due to loosing sight of God’s Will in my life. I think it’s because we actually have so much going on (some necessary/most not) that we drive ourselves to exhaustion; leaving us little room to be motivated. My One Word is HEALTHY. Being Healthy can include letting go of the petty stuff and concentrating on the things that really bring joy. Love Ya Sis!



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