We All Are Somewhere

I am sitting here watching a candle flicker, it appears to be struggling.  What might this struggle be about?  The gentle movements in the air, the tiny particles of space and time, proving the fact that time stands still for no one or anything.  Perhaps the wick is being taken over by the hot wax bubbling at the surface, it continues although it’s light seems to be at a whisper, stay with me till morning light.
Where I’m at…
It’s difficult to express where I am in life right now, it’s kind of like being lost in a familiar place and the joy and relief you feel when you arrive at the destination you have been searching for, home!?!
    December 17, 2013
The funny thing about being lost is, we often arrive without notice or fanfare.  I’m  not talking about the cliché of not stopping to get directions!  Life is a journey sometimes we know exactly where we are going and other times we know the destination but get sidetracked by construction, real and perceived.  Depending upon your upbringing and/or beliefs, everything that happens to us could be based upon predestination, the result of fortunate and possible mis-fortunate events or that every thing works together for a purpose and a reason.  We are born, we live and we die.   Whatever your thoughts are about all this is entirely yours, I am not here to judge you or your values, merely sharing mine.  As I mentioned, I am feeling lost, but somehow getting a sense of familiarity.  Being a Christian, my destination is Heaven!  My journey is sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, I try doing this in all areas of my life but I too often express just the opposite, I serve a loving and forgiving God, a God whose grace and mercy are greater than my sins.  What is it that causes me to fail or to become weak, the simple and easy answer is my humanness, but all too often this answer is used when it’s convenient.  While these are truths, being a Christian was never promoted as an easy life filled with the best this world has to offer, quite different indeed, God’s Kingdom is filled with riches beyond our understanding and imagination but real all the same.  Being a Christian is something we (I) do daily, it is talking with God, praying to God, sharing God, reading His word, studying the scriptures being an active member in the family of God.  God has never given up on me, He will never give up on you.  Trust Him today!  I am on a journey and although I stumble and fall, I can still see my destination clearly…Heaven Bound!
~Blessings and Peace~