Finding it difficult to breathe
The air is heavy, almost crushing
My body aches from the weight
My concentration is elusive
Darkness is all around me
Nothing seems familiar
Strangeness and fear surround me
Visions of brokenness haunting me
If I could only rest, find safety
Loneliness is dark and empty
I am not the answer
I wanted to be the answer
No longer is this my wish
Take it back, I’m not worthy
I can’t do this anymore, alone
My voice is too weak
My attitude calloused
Pride ugly and torn
Weak, defeat, tired and shame
Who am I, self-appointed ….
One way leading to a dead-end
Crawling, begging for mercy
Laughing and sport
My scars run deep
All tucked away from sight
I’m not fooling anyone, but me
Why do I…why did I…why now
Breathe, exhale, breathe, exhale