Remembering To Move Forward

I have been reading through my writings today and it’s been a good experience of reminiscing. I realized that as long as I keep reliving my past I cannot move forward. I have great memories and a few sad ones, the difference reading them today is …I am being more honest with myself and trusting in God as I am traveling along this path called life. God has blessed me with extraordinary people in my life, family, friends old and new ones. I know that I am loved and I love each of person and friend in my life because they have helped shape me into the woman I am today. My mom taught me many valuable life lessons, and in some cases I am still trying to master them but I know she is watching over me and is smiling. Our life experiences help to mold us into the leaders of today. I hope that reading my life experiences brings you a sense of connectedness with others in your life. I used to become very sad when reading my writings and re-reading the one below reminded me of the amazing feeling I get when I hear whispers “i love you” at hello’s and goodbye’s. Thank you! Remind someone today that they are loved!

When did I become old,
I don’t know the hour or the day
When did carefree become routines
When did I grow cold and settled
When did I lose you
I still have you in my thoughts
I got your picture but not you
I close my eyes, I feel your hugs
I hear your voice…
I miss hugs goodbye and whispers of “i love you”
I miss hugs hello and whispers of “i love you”
Two simple things that made me feel complete even invincible
I thought there’s nothing I couldn’t do because of those two things
Loneliness is my kryptonite
Darkness my weakness
I want the sunlight back
I need only two simple things
Hugs for hello and goodbye
Whispers of “i love you” every morning and every night.

March 23, 2011