A Bit of Wisdom by C.S.Lewis

Thursday, June 4th, 2020

Hi friends—

Just sharing some love and thoughts with you. I’m a big fan of C.S.Lewis and I wanted to share a few of his words and a video from a radio show relating to “right & wrong” the Moral Law. No big secret, I’m a sinner…we are all sinners. I am not more important than you, I am as important as you. We are all God’s children, life is not (should not) be a competition against one another for the survival of the fittest. We are all travelers on this planet called earth. The journey will always be lighter when you’re not traveling alone. Injustices are committed every day and present in all walks of life, on every continent on earth AND that does not make it right, merely a fact. Real change is possible, real change comes when we are constantly and consistently learning, growing, and helping one another through communication and compassion. We must be able to extend grace and forgiveness as God extends to us. I support all individuals who choose to march and assemble in peaceful protests. I applaud those who become more active in the pursuit of real change by finding ways to work and get involved with local communities and local government. They work to elect officials to improve their communities. They become active by attending local public government meetings, and they work with local churches, schools and law enforcement agencies. We can do this together!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” —Mahatma Gandhi

“When the police arrived and found no lion, no broken wall, and no convicts, and the Head behaving like a lunatic, there was an inquiry into the whole thing. And in the inquiry all sorts of things about Experiment House came out, and about ten people got expelled. After that, the Head’s friends saw that the Head was no use as a Head, so they got her made an Inspector to interfere with other Heads. And when they found she wasn’t much good even at that, they got her into Parliament where she lived happily ever after.”

—“Chronicles of Narnia” by C. S. Lewis

The video below is titled, “Right & Wrong – A Clue to the Meaning of the Universe” by C.S.Lewis.

Be good to yourself! Be kind to one another! Please practice healthy social distancing along with good health and hygiene habits! 😷 May God Bless You in a special way today. Amen. 🙏🏻

~Peace~ ειρήνη~Charlotte 🌻🙏🏻☀️

ειρήνη– “Peace” in Greek, reference listed the below. 






7 thoughts on “A Bit of Wisdom by C.S.Lewis

  1. Indeed. C.S. Lewis is one of the most influential and inspiring contemporary Christians in recent memory. He did stand for the Christian Faith and shared to the world his personal walk with God.

    Keep safe and thank you for sharing!

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    1. I have a few favorites for different reasons. The Narnia series is wonderfully written appropriately for children and adults. When my mom passed I found much comfort in “A Grief Observed.” And, “The Screwtape Letters” which I have read a few times and see it acted out on stage. I hope these are helpful! Thank for you supporting my blog, greatly appreciate the follow and comment! Blessings🌻💛

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