Lent 2020: Week 2 Recover

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

The scripture verse for today is from Psalm 121:1-3. The Psalms were written by King David of Israel and this particular passage has been entitled, “Assurance of God’s Protection” and “A Song of Ascents.”

Matthew Henry’s Commentary says this about Psalm 121:

“Some call this the soldier’s psalm, and think it was penned in the camp, when David was hazarding his life in the high places of the field, and thus trusted God to cover his head in the day of battle. Others call it the traveller’s psalm (for there is nothing in it of military dangers) and think David penned it when he was going abroad, and designed it pro vehiculo—for the carriage, for a good man’s convoy and companion in a journey or voyage. But we need not thus appropriate it; wherever we are, at home or abroad, we are exposed to danger more than we are aware of; and this psalm directs and encourages us to repose ourselves and our confidence in God, and by faith to put ourselves under his protection and commit ourselves to his care, which we must do, with an entire resignation and satisfaction, in singing this psalm. I. David here assures himself of help from God (v. 1, v. 2). II. He assures others of it (v. 3-8).A song of degrees.”

Verses 1-8 This psalm teaches us,I. To stay ourselves upon God as a God of power and a God all-sufficient for us. David did so and found the benefit of it. 1. We must not rely upon creatures, upon men and means, instruments and second causes, nor make flesh our arm: “Shall I lift up my eyes to the hills?’’ —so some read it. “Does my help come thence? Shall I depend upon the powers of the earth, upon the strength of the hills, upon princes and great men, who, like hills, fill the earth, and hold up their heads towards heaven? No; in vain is salvation hoped for from hills and mountains,Jer. 3:23 . I never expect help to come from them; my confidence is in God only.’’ We must lift up our eyes above the hills (so some read it); we must look beyond instruments to God, who makes them that to us which they are. 2. We must see all our help laid up in God, in his power and goodness, his providence and grace; and from him we must expect it to come: “My help comes from the Lord; the help I desire is what he sends, and from him I expect it in his own way and time.”

Where does your help come from?

Practice for today: Where do you go to recover? Is is a place or is it a thing(?) you do to recover? Can you make time and space to retreat so you allow yourself to recover? Trust in God’s help, He watches over you and never leaves you alone.

Prayer for today is to read aloud Psalm 121.

ειρήνη – “Peace” in Greek, reference listed below. 






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