Lent 2019 – The Meaning of Discipleship

Matthew 5:6, “Happy are people who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness, because they will be fed until they are full.”

The writer of “Sanctuary for Lent” Juan Huertas, stated that the Spanish translation of the New Testament, the Greek word dikaiosuné is translated as “justice,” whereas English translators render it as “righteousness.” An English translation of the Spanish translation would then read, “Happy are people who are hungry and thirsty for justice, because they will be fed until full.”

That translation tells us that doing justice is doing what God does. So, in today’s verse we are being told that we will be glad, blessed, happy if we are hungry and thirsty for doing what God does. Being a being a disciple means that we do what God does.


  • A disciple is simply someone who believes in Jesus and seeks to follow him in his or her daily life. Originally, of course, a disciple was someone who literally knew Jesus in the flesh and followed him — but after he was taken up into heaven, anyone who was committed to Jesus was called a disciple. *excerpt from Kansas City Star May 25, 2016 by Rev. Billy Graham.

As disciples of God, we hunger and thirst for righteousness, not for food that merely sustains the body. We are called to seek soulful and constant meals of righteousness, grace to do the work of every day in its day, as duly as the living body calls for food. Hunger is a desire for food to sustain, as sanctifying righteousness feeds the soul. Thirst is the desire of drink to refresh, as justifying righteousness quenches the parched-ness of the soul. In order for us to be ready to receive grace from God to fill our souls, we much recognize that we must sense our own emptiness so that God can, and not just fill us with his desires but to satiate our souls so we can do what God desires and have our souls filled to overflowing with God’s righteousness and his favor.

As we continue to more fully understand our discipleship on this Lenten journey, may your soul be fed beyond all consumption and your thirst extinguished with all the knowledge of justice, being enriched with grace and righteousness for God’s eternal glory.

It is truly a blessing to share this space with you and I’m grateful for your support and prayers. May you be blessed today and may others be blessed through you. You are beloved, You are a blessing, You are a child of God, You are LOVED!


Breath Prayer: For justice Lord,…help me hunger.

Breath Prayer: Lord, develop in me…a gospel palate