Resolutions 2015

It’s that time of the year when most of us make resolutions and proclamations forecasting our desired behavior outcome during the next 12 months; however, most of us are lucky to make it 12 days, let alone 12 months! Most people see “New Years” resolutions as a fresh start, the opportunity to improve oneself or simply to say “redo!” In years past I’ve probably made resolutions similar to the ones bouncing around in your minds right now…get health, exercise, lose weight, start dating, learn a new language, go back to school, learn to dance, try something new…ok, you get the idea. First and foremost, being honest with oneself is paramount when making or just thinking about changes and resolutions. During 2014, I had the opportunity to be involved with a challenge called, “My One Word,” it’s a process of finding a single word and then living into that word and learning what it truly means to you. My One Word was “Clarity” it has not been as transparent as one might think it would be. (Yep, I was trying to be funny!) *Go ahead and laugh or smile, no ones looking! So, “clarity” where to start? Basically, I wanted to better understand who I really am and to seek to be the person God created me to be. I am happy to say God has through the power of the Holy Spirit, provided me with some clarity. The best and most important aspect I’ve learned during the past year is, it’s not the resolutions that matter most, it’s the ability to keep moving forward, day by day being as authentic as possible and seeking to live the life I was created to live. Too often people live the life that others want them to live, and as much as children try to be the person their parents dreamed they would be, it’s not authentic if you’re not being true to yourself and God. As you think about 2015, I would challenge you to be authentic and be kind to yourself. Look at 2015 with enthusiasm, look at resolutions as tools that enhance and solidify who you are and what you do. Don’t choose resolutions that concentrate on negativity, rather choose things that you are already doing well and do them better. This world is difficult enough at times, do not believe the lies that say you’re not worthy or good enough. You, my friend are WORTHY, God created YOU on purpose, no mistake! So, what do you say? Will you join me in 2015, as we care for ourselves as well as others with gentle, caring hearts?

My 2015 Resolutions:

Resolution/Webster=the act of determining

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~Peace Be With You~

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  1. Hi Charlotte, Love your new post! My word for 15′ is Commit. Also, we are asking everyone to offer a suggestion for a My One Word to fit for ACC. If you have an idea—let e know. Hope you and your family are well & looking forward to seeing you soon. Love ya Sister! Michael


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