“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
Maya Angelou – American Poet

Many children as well as adults do not consider themselves writers. Yet if you are a human being past the age of reason then you certainly have experienced an event, a moment, an incident, a revelation, an encounter with nature, a relationship, or a catastrophe worth writing. Such experiences are simply stories waiting to be told. Allow those stories a life, lighten your weight and awakened yourself for others. You matter and so do your experiences . . . Both big and small.

I have been asking myself during they past 48hrs, what is it I still need to learn about my life? Over the past year and a half I have discovered things about myself I never knew and some I wish I could change, although I can’t change the past I do have the power to do things differently in the present and my future. Life is a gift from God, life is not always easy and life is tiring. I find myself tired a lot of the time. I feel pulled in different directions most of the time. I rarely take time for just “me.” I feel like I’m being selfish when I spend time and money on myself. You’ve probably heard the saying, “burning the candle at both ends” that’s how I feel presently, and in addition there’s sparks in the middle of my candle! I feel like I keep repeating the same days over and over, and nothing changes. The news headlines rarely change, crime and injustice abound. Often my energy is depleted before I get a good start to my day. I have so many blessings in my life, everyday and every moment should be praising God for His abundant love for me. I am reminded again of the acronym F.E.A.R.=False, Evidence, Appearing, Real. My fears, real or perceived robs me of joy, rest and security on a regular basis. This past week I’ve caught myself saying aloud “go away satan” or “not again, uncle Screwtape!” I know I am not alone in my struggles, though that is the feelings I have. Bad things happen to good people not because they deserve them, they teach us in ways we can learn. God knows best! If you are feeling the need to share one of your stories, writing it down or tell it to a friend, perhaps a teacher or pastor. You can share it with me if you want, you matter and so do your experiences! I have a few special individuals in my life I can share my stories with and they help me to lighten my load and help me to see life in “truth” not rose-colored glasses. I am so very blessed. Release the stories and experiences you have pinned up inside, let go of the pain and grief, forgive yourself and others, greet life with open hands and not with clinched fists. My the love of God engulf you and penetrate your walls and give you peace.

C.S.Lewis, “The Screwtape Letters”
Maya Angelou – American Poet
Inspirations by JCTROIS

~Blessings and Peace~