The Have’s and the Have Not’s

Before you read the second sentence you will have probably already formed an idea of what I am going to say…

I hope you are surprised with the content and perhaps will be open to possibilities.

Instinctively, the topic deals with material things, objects of value whether monetarily or personally.  My hope for the future is one of mutual value, namely life is valuable No matter your place in an arbitrary social placement.  If I own a house, I’m socially higher than someone who rents?  Or perhaps having a job working M-F 8-5, as opposed to someone working every weekend and during night-time hours is less in some way.  An analogy that I have seen in action,  is the more money someone makes the less responsibilities and work they perform, seriously no one other than me thinks this is odd?  If it weren’t for the middle class nothing would ever get accomplished!  Those of us who represent the middle class (my opinion) are what keeps the United States moving forward. It’s certainly not our politicians, sure it appears that they make things happen, it is only a rouse….behind every successful “Have’s” there’s a ” Have Not” standing in his shadow.  The gaps between the social/economic groups continue to widen, the poor are further away from the rich/high, as they like to be called.  The higher class, oh they love to give their money if it brings 15 minutes of fame and they continue to ride the fame train as long as it is beneficial, when it no longer is able to feed their ego they move on to some other project.

Let me stop sounding bitter, that is not my intent.  I’m discovering that the phrase “The Have’s and Have Not’s”should be deflated and its mysterious powers stripped.

I am not rich in terms of finances and do not consider myself a “Have Not.”  I am rich beyond measure when it comes to family and friends, I have reliable transportation, healthy food to eat, shelter from the elements, safe drinking water and a job which not only supports me but several others in need.  My place in society’s hierarchy of social standards may seem low based upon the opinion of people in power but the only standards I aspire are those of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen!

I am sure others have experienced some of the same thoughts and emotions I have in my life…wishing to win the lottery, saying I would be more sensible than others who won and squandered their winnings, right! If I got a job making more money, if I were friends with so and so, then things would change and be better…the old saying, the grass is greener on the other side!  I am not going to lie, I had all those thoughts and more and I have discovered one very important thing, without God, nothing can truly fill you with completeness.  It is possibly that things and money can bring happiness but it quickly dies and you are right back where you started.  I have dreamed the dreams of (my) being of happy but they are not real and they are filled with an emptiness.  True happiness is not meant for our dreams, God wants us to experience the joys of happiness in living.  God’s desire is to shower us with blessings beyond our dreams and imagination, all we must do is live by the rules He gave us thousands of years ago, God created us , He loves us and has promised to never leave us!!  I know this is true as evidenced by my life, God is alive and working miracles and giving blessing beyond measure to me and I am in awe of His Greatness!  God loves all, no matter  your social standing, your wealth, your nationality, your sexual orientation, your political party, your race…He cares and loves “YOU!”

A closing personal note, the more I give to God, the more I get and the happier and more complete I am!  If you do not know God personally, simply ask Him into your life, acknowledge that you are a sinner and you believe in the saving grace given only by God.  He will save you and you will be His child, forever and ever. Amen.

~Blessings and Peace~