My Forgiveness is Greater than my sin…Praise Be To God

Sorry for the typos in the blog…I hope it’s insightful or helpful to someone.


Today, my day started like most days do for me the daily making coffee, showering, dressing and doing my devotional.  I completed these tasks with the same vigor I normally do, taking steps to not be disturbed during my devotional time, I turn all my alarms to silence on my phone and today waiting for the wash cycle to end to add fabric softener to the washer.  I sat in my chair and read Luke Chapter 16, The Parable of the Shrewd Manager.  I thought I understood what Jesus was teaching and I sincerely prayed about all the blessing I have and praying for friends and family.  My day progressed as any other normal day, start my drive to work, called my dad as I do daily and also spoke with my brother.  I arrived at work, securing a primo parking spot, front row and near the sidewalk…things are going…

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