Jonathan Livingston Seagull

A timeless story for all ages, the writer (Richard Bach) paints a portrait where the reader can become an active participant as the story unfolds. Most, if not all can relate with Jonathan and his feelings. He has dreams and desires to become more than just what is expected. He is bullied and singled out for pursuing his individual ideas to the point of being an outcast. His parents, siblings, family and friends shun him and he must find a new place to live. Although he is alone, he does not crumble or buckle under because he has been labeled an outcast; he believes in himself and chases his dreams. Jonathan hears the still small voice within him and never gives up. I do not want to spoil the ending of the book, I encourage you to take a short trip with Jonathan and experience his joy, his refusal to be just like everyone else and conform because that’s what is expected. I also do not want to limit your imagination to how this story can easily be seen in our everyday lives…each of us are unique and the only limitations we have are the ones we impose upon ourselves. It does not take courage to conform; it takes courage to live and do the things that gives meaning to us. What motivates you, who do you desire to be, it is never too late to be the extraordinary person inside…jumping and screaming to be let out to live, to be! What are you waiting for…grab this book and set out on a journey!
“It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between.”
― C.S. Lewis
My reflections: For me the still small voice inside me is the Holy Spirit and I know that God created me uniquely individual and I do have purpose. Being a Christian can and has made some outcasts, but our reward is not in or of this world; our eternal home is in Heaven living forever with God, the Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.

~Peace and Blessings~