Lost and Found

Wow, it’s been almost a week since I’ve updated my blog.  So many things are happening within me and around me but I just have not made the time to sit and write.   This past week I have been acutely aware of just how blessed I am, God has poured His blessing upon me and I am in awe of His love.  As I speak daily with God I know that I have not done anything worthy of the things I have.  Things that are often taken for granted like the air I breathe, the clothes I wear, the food I eat, my shelter and my nutrition…the list goes on and on.  Only by God’s grace and mercy am I able to enjoy such things.  Life is difficult and lessons are sometimes repeated until we grasp and learn the skills necessary to triumph over the task we face.  I am here to encourage you to stay in the fight, you will have victory!  God loves you and He will never leave you or forsake you, turn yourself around, seek God!  God welcomes His children back into His loving arms!  Have ever experienced losing something and do you remember the joy that came over you when what was missing was found?  Multiply that feeling by the highest number you can imagine and it will still not come close to the joy and celebration that God feels and shares with His angels in Heaven, when we return to Him!  Luke chapter 15 provides 3 separate stories of things that were lost and found.  I have provided a YouTube video below that speaks about Luke chapter 15.  Friends, you are loved and you were uniquely created by God!  Peace and Blessings~

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Sermon Lost and Found dated 09/15/2013: