Follow-Up Comments To “Self-Esteem”

Friends and followers, I want to clarify what I said in my blog about self-esteem.  My description of “high” and “low” self- esteem in people can come across as egotistical or pathetic; however, it really is not quite that simple.  People do not always exhibit these extremes for the same reasons, someone that presents themselves in an egotistical manner might utilize this to cover up personal insecurities and does not even realize the manner in which they interact with others. The same can also be true for individuals with low self-esteem issues. I do apologize for any confusions or judgments I irresponsibily cast. We are all uniquely created by the Great creator of all things, God the Father! Remember we all have needs, wants, wishes and desires…lets interact and communicate with one another with peace, hope and love. 

Peace & Blessings~