About me and my words…

My intent is to share my experiences in words…I have found that words offer an outlet for my emotions, I know that God has blessed me with the ability to write how I feel especially when I cannot verbalize my thoughts and emotions.  I used to think that my writings only held meaning for me, I was reminded that others may also find comfort and understanding from similar situations.  I am not an author or journalist, I may write things that do not rhyme or be grammatically correct but my words come from my heart and not necessarily from my brain.  Feel free to comment, I believe this is a mission God has set before me and maybe in a way to “Pay It Forward” to anyone in need of a memory or event that has been push aside or encouragement when you need a friend.

My blog entries are my thoughts, theories and beliefs…I pray that God uses me to share His story and that you the reader find God for yourself, because He loves you!

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