Advent in Narnia: The Robin

Sunday, December 13th, 3020

Happy Sunday Friends—

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Our story today follows along in chapter 6 of, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”

In the story today, the children learn that Mr. Tumnus has been arrested. This news greatly concerned the children, it was during the quietness of this terrible news a Robin captures the attention of Lucy. The Robin it seems was trying to get the children to follow him through the forest. All of the children, well except for Edmund seemed eager to trust the Robin. Edmund tries to get Peter to agree with him and not follow but the older brother doesn’t give into Edmund. It was 3 against 1 in trusting the Robin. But Edmund had his own reasons for not wanting to trust the Robin, his secret about meeting the White Witch. It was Edmund’s encounter with the White Witch that had clouded his judgment and I’m sure he would love to have more Turkish Delight. Edmund was filled with fear and greed, fearful that his siblings would find out about his meeting and greedy because of what the White Witch could give him. Each sibling has brought with them their own set of experiences into Narnia and each has a different perspective based upon their life experiences.

What about Advent (?), we all come to the manger during this season every year. We, too all come from different life experiences and though we all seek the baby Jesus, and what we receive is as unique as we are. Many of you can relate to the phrase, “Life is a series of choices.” Too often, we simplify the phrase as meaning “good choices and bad choices.” What about something a bit more radical, choosing between two good choices (?), bad need not be part of the equation. Below are just a few ideas, there are millions more…

• Should I go sit with a friend or go to a party with another friend?

• Should I go to a Bible study or go help out at the local food bank.

• Should I read a book or watch a movie.

These are all examples of “good” things to choose from, it is our life experiences that helps to guide us to make the best good decision. Whether simplistic or monumental, serious or not, what we are deciding is who we will be and where we will place our trust. There is not a “right” decision in choosing whether to put your trust in book, a party or a Bible study, except in your own heart. In our book, the children must decide whether to follow Aslan or the White Witch, in our lives we must decide to follow God or not. Just as the Robin lead the children to safety in Narnia, God is leading and guiding us on our journey along with the Holy Spirit. God gave us an inner voice and previous experiences to help us make the right choices and to trust the right people. Plus, we have communities and loved ones to assist us when we are having feelings of uncertainty.

On a personal note, I feel enormously blessed to have my blogging community, my church family, my personal family, my work family, my housing community and so many others in my life.

Some interesting facts about Robin’s:

• Robin symbolism is linked to death as well as the arrival of spring and rebirth.

• They are also found near residential areas, and that shows that they are comfortable with humans.

• The Robin’s song is easy to recognize: it is sweet, melodious, and also wistful and melancholy – it symbolizes hope, rebirth, and also danger.

• Native Americans believed that all birds are messengers of the Gods and Goddesses. They honored most birds and regarded them as spirit guides. The robin is no different. The Natives believed robin sign of an angel as well as ‘relationship’ birds.

• Native Americans believed their message was about family, courtship, home, and the loving heart. Robins are not high fliers. They stick close to the ground. They live close to where humans live.

Questions for Reflection:

• Make a list of what you feel you “ought” to do this Advent and a list of what you “want” to do. What are the motivations behind the two lists? If they are out of balance, how could you better balance them?

• What signs, feelings, or urgings do you trust or follow when making serious decisions in your life?

— Prayer

— Advice from trusted friends/colleagues

— Sound research

— Previous experiences

— Experiences of others



Robin Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

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