Week 4 – Atmosphere

S&P Team posted on Sep. 2, 2018 at 1:03am
Week of September 2, 2018: Creating an Atmosphere

Happy September, Contemplative Photographers,

This week’s project idea comes from Margret E. She is interested in creating atmosphere with a photograph. For example: an atmosphere of peace, joy, love, agitation, even holiness. You may want to add a commentary explaining the atmosphere you want to convey.


I have spent the past week reviewing old photos as well as trying to connect with the world around me to invoke a sense of atmosphere.  I was a bit discouraged for two reasons, one many things inspire and encourage me on a daily basis and I just couldn’t identify the “one” thing that sums it all up.  Secondly, because I felt like I was making this much harder than it needed to be. That’s kind of a trait of mine 😀.  Then late last night it all made sense to me, my atmosphere, the space I get to call mine invokes within me Peace, Wholeness, Security, Friendship, Dreams, Hopes, Love, Serenity, Humbleness, Forgiveness, Laughter, Longings, the Past, the Present and the Future, Faith, Salvation, God’s Presence, God Himself. My bedroom is filled with all these wonderful things, my atmosphere is my sanctuary and I get so go to sleep at night with them and I am greeted by the in the morning.  A brief description of the photos left to right and numbered for ease of identification. 

  1. A picture of me with my mom, a card I received when my mom passed away, and a bracelet I bought for myself after my mom passed.  I also gave the same bracelet to two dear friends  I’ve known for more than 30 years, we all have said goodbye to our moms and are waiting to see them again in Heaven.  Bracelet inscription, “A Mother’s love is the first gift we know, one we never outgrow.”
  2. The large photo I took of a sunrise over Montgomery County many years ago, it reminds me of my youth and the lessons I learned way back when, the painting I did several years ago while participating in during Lenten season years ago, I no longer attend that church but this pictures reminds me of it and of the House I once owned because I painted it in our garage. 
  3. I attended a painting party with a special friend, it was so much fun.  The frame is a certificate of my Baptism, lovely memories of the experience and the people who shared it with me.  
  4. Wall art to inspire me, to reassure me and for my own validation that I am loved by God and I am His!
  5. Wall art above my headboard and a picture of my mom and dad. 
  6. Wall art next to my books and chair and a board with memories posted. Photo of my niece and nephew, a personalized angel ornament from someone special, a broken wristband that says “Love-Forgive-Accept” two cross necklaces, three four leaf clovers and a bookmaker with my mom’s obituary printed on one side and Ecclesiastes 3 on the other..
  7. Wall art and a framed photo from Long Lake, Minnesota.  Beautiful memories of summer vacations while attending college and blessed to have a family invite me to stay there.  I learned to water ski during those trips and enjoyed canoeing and sailboating. 
  8. Dried flowers from my moms funeral and a beautiful handmade birthday card from my very best friend.
  9. An embroidered pillow and screened photo of me and my mom.  A memory box that contains a prayer shawl made by the women of my church give to me for my mom. Books…I love my books.
  10. Wall art, a button art picture made and given to me by a friend, picture of me with a cat I had a long time ago.
  11. Willow figurines the mother/daughter was given to me by my Aunt when my mom passed away and the two girls sitting was given to me by a dear friend.

Dear friends, we all have the opportunity to create an  atmosphere for ourselves.  I know that I am extremely blessed and I do not take for granted the material things I have but more importantly than things is our memories.  We have the ability to take them with us everywhere and they are our own, we can share them with other or we can keep them inside and protected if needed.  I miss my mom terribly but it does not keep me from living.  The best way I can honor my mother is to live the life she envisioned for me.  She did not place any limitations upon me nor did she limit my view of the world by insisting that I see the world only through her eyes.  I think the greatest gift she ever gave me was her unconditional love.  Do you know what’s even more wonderful than this…God loves me and you UNCONDITIONALLY!  God is waiting with arms open wide to receive each of us.  There’s no prerequisite needed to be loved and accepted.  God wants us right now, no matter where we are or where we’ve been.  If you want to be part of God’s family just ask Him!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, I am blessed to be able to share my faith with you.

~Blessings and Peace~

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