Letting Go…

Oh God, teach me how to let go
I feel consumed, my senses deny me
I know I must let go…what is this fear
As the intensity to let go rises
A battle erupts, forces deny one another
Each wanting to win as if this is a game
It is painful no matter if it goes swiftly or faintly
I am experiencing rapid pulse and pounding chest
My breath now more of a pant in anticipation of action
Oh God, why do I deny myself joy to stay enslaved
The control, I alone allow…is so very wrong
My continued grip serves to weaken me
Letting go should be easy, what lesson must I learn
Teach me, show me freedom from release
Forgiveness, that would be key
Not for her, that was done so long ago
Me, I must forgive myself and allow me to let her go
She’s been gone a long time already
Not once, turning to look back, because I hoped she would
The worst has already happened, the day she left me
My misery convinced me, holding on was my only option
Lies, all lies…the past cannot be changed its gone
The future is always a day away…
All I really have is today and I no longer want to hold on
I want to live with both arms free to live and love
I want sunshine from the Son, I desire forgiveness
Breathe in, breathe out … the love of God restores my soul

July 24, 2013

One thought on “Letting Go…

  1. Thanks for reminding me. You have a gift that God has given to you so to encourage others. Love, Bev


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